INKA AS was established in 2002 under the name Fiskekroken AS. Slaughterhouse has been renovated and developed several times over the past 15 years. Our national and international stock is sourced directly from the Arctic Waters of Norway, by reliable and high-quality contacts from all over the world.

Next door to the slaughterhouse Sørarnøy will now constructed a polystyrene box factory to over 60 million. CEO Skaustein Håkon at Inka AS
- H84 is looking forward to it is completed in one year.

Slaughterhouse Sørarnøy, which employs about 13 percent of the population of 260 people is a cornerstone of the community. Which now also helps to solve a formidable logistical problem on the ferry route Sund - Horsdal - Sørarnøy with the new factory.

During busy periods it goes 5-7 trucks with freshly slaughtered salmon out of the small island community every day. Polystyrene boxes, which currently obtained from Løvold Industry, constitute a large volume and leads to large flax both ways.

Slaughterhouse Inka AS - H84 has modern premises and a building of 5,000 square feet. The planned factory already under construction harbors wall-in-wall and will be at 3,000 square feet. New jobs are underway. The aquaculture industry creates new activity in the small community. The factory will be completed as early as spring 2018.


Inka AS
- H84 are located on Sørarnøy In Gildeskål. Since 2002, the business was approved as sanitary slaughterhouse and it is only on the stretch from Hamarøy to Lovund.


- H84 has a daily capacity of 100 tons gutted weight and a freezing capacity of 40tonn. Cold storage capacity is 200 tons. INka AS butcher for 18 fish farming licenses in the stretch Inka in the north to Lurøy in south and total plant has an annual production of over 20,000 tonnes gutted weight.


The company employs 40 people in 30-years and is a major work in a community with only 260 inhabitants.


Inka AS
- H84 is an investment company in aquaculture organized by the corporate model. In subsidiaries retain one local control and smådriftsfordelene, while the Group maintains the economies of scale through the group's overall size.

The companies in SalMar Sarl have solid and strong traditions in the industry. Through well-organized structure shall Inka AS
- H84 and our partners strengthen competitiveness and growth in the industry through cooperation and control of the entire value chain from egg to market.
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European Fisheries Fund, investment in sustainable fisheries.
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